Forged In Iron

from by SURVIVAL



Back when I was a kid didn’t know where to turn
Life’s hard lessons that I refuse to learn
So I turned to the drink
Couldn’t bare to think about the mess that I called family
Tried to drink away the pain
To help me cope with darker days
What I didn’t realise
It was just building up inside
For years I was lost
No helping hand in sight
Couldn’t even tell left from right
Confused and alone
I had a choice of live or die
With all the air my lungs I screamed life
I swore to never drink again
And always try for better days
It’s only now I realise
The straight edge saved my life
I speak on behalf of my own generation
The kids are sick and there is no medication
Left to fend for ourselves, and find that glimmer of hope
With an X on my hand I’ll rid my neck of the rope
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again
Forged in Iron, Set in Stone
Til the end


from Forged In Iron, released August 21, 2014



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SURVIVAL Manchester, UK

New record 'Forged In Iron' out 21st August on Powered and New Instinct Records

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