Spirit Unchained


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released December 4, 2012



all rights reserved


SURVIVAL Manchester, UK

New record 'Forged In Iron' out 21st August on Powered and New Instinct Records

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Track Name: Spirit Unchained
I will not be broken

I will never let my spirit be chained, not me

Focus on my path so I do not stray

I will never let my spirit be drained

Won't let my surroundings determine my way

I'm Free

It's not about how well you be someone else

How about for once you try and be your fucking self

We know the real you and what you believe

Something someone else has is all you aim to achieve 

Be honest with yourself or get left in the dust

Think about what you want cos who else you gonna trust

Who you gonna trust?

Spirit Unchained
Track Name: Break It Down
There’s a wall between us, smash it to the ground
There’s a barrier between you and I, and we gotta break it down
Track Name: Time & Place
You want another line man?
I think you’re at the wrong show
You wanna get fucked up man?
Fuckin’ waster, you gotta go

You can smoke that shit to make you feel awake
You can snort that dust to try and stimulate
I don’t fucking care what kinda drugs you take
Don’t bring them to the show, theres a time and place

I aint’ trying to judge you for the life you choose to lead
but those drugs you take and mess you make, I don’t wanna see
Do it in your own time, stop fuckin’ wasting mine
Stay away, you waste of space, I don’t wanna know, bye bye
Track Name: Figure It Out
Born without a chance, crawling on my broken hands

Whispers in my ear say Im gonna fail

Nah, not me. NO!

Lady Luck turned her back on me

Day I was born, cast me out like a dirty disease

Good turns to bad, the bad gets worse

Spend everyday, living with the hurt

I'll give myself a chance, get up off these broken hands

Block out the whispers, I ain’t gonna fail

Nah, not me. NO!
But its all good man I'll carry on anyway

Look life straight in the eye, appreciate the chance of one more day

Keep pushing, Keep climbing up

Don’t stay down, when the world turns around and hits you in the gut

Take two steps back and try figure it out

Have faith within yourself, eradicate the self doubt.
Track Name: Razor's Edge
You're walking on a razor's edge
Try not to fall
Slipping and sliding, losing grip
You will fall
And no one cares, no one gives a fuck
About a piece of shit like you
And no one cares, no one gives a fuck
About a waste of life like you
What are you waiting for? go.
Wipe that smile from your face
Forged in Iron, Set in stone
These are my reasons and my reasons alone
For why I stand aside, and watch you fall
No one will catch you, no one at all.
Track Name: Bad News
With all the evil that constantly surrounds me
I find it difficult to notice the beauty
Turn the TV on no matter what channel I choose
Its always gonna be more bad news

Eternally bombarded, stories of despair
Images of horror, got us livin’ scared
Eternally bombarded, stories of despair
The lights are on but there ain’t nobody there
Now the people all go running around, with their heads between their legs
crushed beneath the weight, face to the ground
Kneel before the masters, exactly how they wanted
We are the ghosts of free men, entire planet earth is haunted

So what now? where do we turn?
Is this punishment for all the lessons we couldn’t learn?
Slept with one eye open, terrified of the lies
That we choose to swallow, each and every day of our lives